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My home managed business allowed me to build a network over 1,000,000 strong. Are you ready to start growing?


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I led one of America’s largest sales forces and built the 84th fastest growing Inc. 500 company 1994 - 1998

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Thirty five years ago my occupation was a city bus driver in St. Paul, Minnesota. My brother Jim showed me an opportunity where I could work from home. Since then, my businesses have created approximately three billion dollars in retail business.

Building with Balance

My mission is to take families to new levels of success in key areas of life; Family and Relationships, Finances, Business, Spiritual and Health. I learned early on that I had to work on myself as much as I worked on my business. I learned and I changed and you can too! I have dedicated the second half of my life to helping those that were like me – desiring to make something special of their life. I will help and work with anyone willing to work hard and help themselves.

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Personal and Professional Success

Mike Jackson is a 35-year veteran of entrepreneurship and direct sales. Starting a home business at the age of 24, he reached the highest levels of achievement with one of the oldest and most respected Fortune 500 network marketing companies in the world. Consistently setting new records, Mr. Jackson was an eight-time qualifier for their President’s Club; a feat never before accomplished in that company’s 40-year history. During his 16 years as a field representative, he also built a traditional and highly successful retail water purification business, Best America Water Purification.

In 1994, Mike moved into a corporate position as Vice-President and co-owner of Alpine Industries, a successful direct seller of innovative technology products. By 1999 Alpine was recognized as the 84th fastest growing Inc. 500 company and America’s 17th largest sales force according to Selling Power magazine. His efforts increased new membership from 100 per month to 14,000 per month in 36 months.

Mike Jackson founded EcoQuest International in January of 2000, and went on to build sales to $135 Million by 2004. In 2008 he returned to his original passion, transitioning from CEO to an active sales and training position. Mike Jackson is currently a Co-owner and serves as the National Field Leader for Vollara, leading a sales organization of nearly 75,000 independent business owners.

In 2003 the South Eastern regional Philanthropy Association recognized Mike as the Philanthropist of the Year award recipient. Mike has been married to his childhood sweetheart Nata for 41 years (photo at left - M & N celebrating their 36th anniversary). The Jackson's have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren.