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Are you ready to put an end to thinking about how you wish things were and take action to make it happen?


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“I have hit as high as $20,000 a month and have my sights on $250,000 a year...”

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“It was not that long ago, I was working at NAPA selling parts retail. Mr. Jackson coached me and showed me that profits are better than wages. I earned more in my first few days than I did at NAPA in a month... I would listen to Mr. Jackson's coaching is my advice” - R.T.*

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New! Right Place, Right Time

An all-new video to help you introduce and create interest in your Vollara business. Watch the PREVIEW VIDEO above then order your copy from myvollaratools.com today!

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Fox News Kathy Baskin Interview

This featured video comes from a Fox 4 News segment. Watch to see how Vollara Distributor Kathy Baskin explains why LaundryPure is so effective.

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Vollara Presentation

Learning to Present Vollara

An exciting new presentation about building your business on the strong foundation of Vollara - the "rock" that is ActivePure Technology and the opportunity it represents. Be sure to download the Powerpoint presentation file. Watch Now...

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Water Water Everywhere - But Not A Drop To Drink

It’s true, the water that comes out of our faucet was flushed down someone’s toilet, washed clothes, or went down the drain in a bath or shower. Water is collected by big cities and treated with large amounts of chemicals and then goes through pipes filled with scum on the way to our homes.Read More...

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Riding the Escalator to the Top

As 2016 approaches, it is a good time to reflect on our Vollara organizations. What do we want to accomplish in 2016? How much do I want to earn? What will I do with the earnings? What is the best way to earn bigger bonus checks and earn the benefits like bonus cars, travel and special benefits like Executive Sharing Pool cash and trips?


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Healthy Home Inspectors Wanted

You can help spread the word about Vollaras best selling technology, Fresh Air Surround and build an amazing income. The Healthy Home Check Up Kit is fun and easy to share. Any distributor that uses this strategy twice per day, six days a week, has a great shot at placing 25 to 35 Fresh Air Surrounds and market 8 to 15 technologies.